Camp Lodging - Rates - Meals - Activities

    Camp Lodging
  1. Camp size, min. (35) max. (116)
  2. Chapel with wood burning stove for the winter months
  3. Girls Dorm sleeps 50 with 3 inside showers and bathrooms
    (6 rooms with bunk beds. Sleeping bags a must)
  4. Boys Dorm sleeps 50 with 4 inside showers and bathrooms
    (5 rooms with bunk beds. Sleeping bags a must) Pillow
  5. The Lodge sleeps 10 with 5 rooms, 3 inside bathrooms with showers
    (air-conditioner & electric wall heater in rooms)
    (Reservations Needed In Advance $10 FEE per room per night extra)
  6. The Little House sleeps 6 with 3 rooms, 2 inside bathrooms with showers
    (air-conditioner & electric wall heater in rooms)
    (Reservations Needed In Advance $10 FEE per room per night extra)
  7. We have three hook ups for RV's or small trailers ($10 FEE per night required)
  8. The Cafeteria has room for 100 inside plus outside tables on the deck in two areas
  9. Snack Shack will be open at your request and well lighted at night. Bring your own snacks/drinks. You keep the funds. ($10.00 per day/night fee charged)
  10. Camp fire for night use (Last Night Only. Started by Camp Official ONLY)
    Camp Activities
  1. Lighted Basketball court (*lights out at 10pm, quiet time rule)
  2. Lighted Volleyball court (*lights out at 10pm, quiet time rule)
  3. Rec Room has Table Tennis, Pool Table, Air Hockey, Foosball
  4. Swimming Pool with Bath/Shower House
  5. Horseshoe Pits with shoes
  6. We DO NOT charge extra for the use of our chapel, recreation room, swimming pool or any activities on the grounds.
    Weekend Retreats
  1. 2 nights and 5 meals (call for price)
  2. Min. 25 campers during off season weekends
  3. Friday night through Sunday Morning
  4. Mid-Week Retreats also available during off months
  5. Extra meals also available
    Week Day Encampment (Min. 40 Campers)
    During June, July and August
  1. 5 nights and 14 meals (call for price)
  2. 4 nights and 11 meals (call for price)
  3. 3 nights and 8 meals (call for price)
  4. Extra meals also available
    Cooking Duties
  1. Relax and leave the cooking to us!
  2. Bring your own certified cook and kitchen help (*see below)
  3. Call for more info and special *discount rate
    Church Family Camps
  1. Call for more info and pricing
    One Day Church Event
  1. Includes Chapel (Room for 140)
  2. Includes Dinning Hall
  3. Group takes care of lunch
  4. Call for more info and pricing

More Information

  1. Parent or guardian must accompany children under 9
  2. Birth - 3 free
  3. Prices subject to change without notice
  4. Security deposit (*payable in advance, refundable)
  5. Cleaning deposit (*payable in advance, refundable if left clean)
  6. Camp fire on your last night only, depending on weather/fire condition
  7. The Lodge and Little House. Must provide your own sleeping bag, bed sheets, blankets and a pillow
  8. Reservations (*private rooms* and *deposits*) This needs to be done before you arrive
  9. We provide the facilities to use. Groups will need to provide counselors, supervisors, speakers, schedules and programs
  10. Room Inspections are Mandatory before each camp and after each camp
  11. Please keep all rooms clean during camps for safety reasons and room inspections. This is your responsibility
    Important Details
  1. Reservations - Signed contract and all deposits must be made 30 days in advance of your due date for camp. Please remember to include your food menu along with your contract
  2. Number of Campers - We need to have your total count of campers one week, (7 days) before you arrive.
  3. If you plan to go off grounds for the day to Bass Lake or somewhere else during your stay, we can prepare lunch and drinks to take with you. Just let us know in advance before we order the food
  4. Private Rooms - Let us know at this time if you will be using the lodge or little house during your camp.
  1. The first aid area is located in the lodge. Please set up first-aid in room #3. You have access to the little refrigerator and lock cabinet for medicine. The nurse or person in charge can reserve a room in the lodge. Need certified nurse, (with certification for our records). Please bring paper work.
    NO Life Guard On Duty
  1. Must bring your own life guard or have someone that is certified in CPR skills, (with certification for our records) to be at pool side at all times! Please bring paper work. Adult supervision required at all times.
    NO Dogs Allowed
  1. No dogs allowed during camps except: Service animal as any guide dog, signal dog, or other animal individually trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability. A service dog is not considered a pet.
    Quiet Time Rule
  1. Quiet time starts at 10pm
    Things To Bring With You
  1. Bring enough clothes for the weekend or week
  2. Comfortable walking shoes
  3. Toiletries (comb, brush, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, shampoo, towel, etc.)
  4. Sleeping bag and pillow
  5. Bible
  6. Swim suit (very modest) beach towel, sunscreen
  7. Insect repellent (Off, Backyard Cutter, etc.)
  8. Money for the snack shack
  9. Flashlight
  10. Camera
  11. A Good Attitude Be Happy

Call us or send us an email for more information about Sierra Pines Youth Camp.