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This is where you can stay up to date 24/7 with what's going on at the camp. Find out what's new and any new projects at Sierra Pines Youth Camp in 2017.

2017 Camp News

Now that the summer camps are over, and summer is gone. We're getting ready for our fall season to start. We have a couple camps coming up in October and maybe November.

We have a new look in the chapel. We now have chairs instead of pews to sit on. Before we got to set up the chairs, with the help of Pastor Larry from Ridgecrest, we moved the pews that were left out of the way, and was able to strip and wax the floor. It now has a shine back to it, and will look a lot better until we replace the flooring. We moved the remaining pews off to the sides and set up the chairs. Looks better and you'll have more room now. We also have plenty of extra chairs when needed.

We'll also be looking to move some more pews out soon. Anyone interested in some, please let us know before they'er all gone.

We would like to say, 'Thank You' to the ladies' of the W.M.A. of California for raising funds for our kitchen needs to buy what is needed to make life in the kitchen better. Much appreciated.

Thanks to a few volunteers that came up in May. We got a few projects and some needed cleaning done. Always appreciated. Thank You!

Camp Donations

'Thank You' for all the cash donations and donations of different items during 2016 that was needed for the camp. Sierra Pines Youth Camp is grateful and appreciates all you do for camp. May God Bless YOU all.


Please report anything that gets broke or doesn't work during your camp. We need time to fix or replace it for the next group of campers. If you by mistake take something home with you, please return it. Accidents happens to us all. NO one is in trouble for showing responsibility. It's appreciated.
Thank You.

Last Update September 2017