Frequently Asked Questions

    • How many campers can we bring?
  1. » We have beds for 116 campers
    • Do you have RV hook ups?
  1. » Yes. We have two hook ups for RV's or small trailers, (small fee required)
    • Is tent camping allowed?
  1. » Yes. We have a couple of flat areas for tents. You will need to bring your own tent, and have an adult supervisor sleep inside the tent over night.
    • Do we share the camp with other groups?
  1. » NO. Your group will be the only one here.
    • Is the snack shack open all the time?
  1. » Open by request only. During camp it's usually open two times a day, early afternoon and at night
    • Can we bring our own snacks?
  1. » Yes
    • Does it cost extra to use the chapel, rec. room or swimming pool?
  1. » NO. Our facilities are included to use for your camp during your stay. (Private rooms in the lodge and little house requires a small fee)
    • Do you provide counselors, supervisors, speakers and programs?
  1. » NO. Church groups are responsible to provide counselors, supervisors, speakers and programs during camp.
    • What time are the meals?
  1. » You let us know the times, we'll work with you. The normal times are
    8am - 12:00 - 5pm
    • Can we go off grounds for lunch?
  1. » Yes. We can pack a lunch to take with you. We also have an ice machine to keep things cold.